Don’t overlook this “Amish Wedding Steak.” It may be cheap, but the taste lives up to any festive occasion





2 pounds ground beef


1 diced onion


1 can mushrooms (or fresh)


2 cups crushed soda crackers


2 cups milk


1 can cream of mushroom soup


1 soup can of water


Salt and pepper to taste






Combine meat, crackers, milk, onion, and seasonings. Press into a square pan and refrigerate overnight.


Cut into squares the next day. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C).


Dredge meat squares in flour and brown in butter.


Place in a baking dish and cover with a mixture of mushroom soup, water, and mushrooms.


Bake for 90 minutes.


Relish the rich flavors and cultural heritage embodied in this Amish Wedding Steak, a dish that brings comfort and a sense of community to any gathering.

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