Vanilla ice cream recipe

Vanilla ice cream recipe

Ingredients :

+Vanilla ice cream:

  • two hundred fifty g whole milk
  • two hundred fifty  g liquid cream
  • one vanilla pod
  • one hundred twenty  g egg yolk (six yolks)
  • one hundred twenty five  g sugar

Methods :


Vanilla ice cream recipe

 Split vanilla pod in half & scrape it out.

Pour the milk, cream and vanilla into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Whisking egg yolks and sugar to mixture whitens.

Pour the milk/cream mixture over the blanched egg yolks and mix immediately.

Vanilla ice cream recipe

Pour back into your saucepan and cook, stirring to prevent the cream from sticking, at eighty five °C or until it coats your spoon.

Remove from the heat and continue to mix gently for five minutes. This will aide homogenize cream and making it creamy. Avoid the immersion blender, unless you have a lot of lumps, which would break the texture of the cream.

Pour the cream into a salad bowl or a dish then film in contact. Reserve in the refrigerator for twenty four  hours.

Making the ice cream:

The next day, remove the vanilla pod from the cream and pour it into your ice cream maker or ice cream maker.

Now your vanilla ice cream is ready. Let it set in the freezer and take it out a little early so that it is at the right temperature (the ideal temperature for consuming ice cream is around -5°C).


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