Potato fritters recipe

*Ingredients Notes*

+Shredded Potatoes – Yukon Gold potatoes are best, they are great for pancakes, but you can also use a potato mix. Starchy potatoes, such as Russet or Idaho, also have a great texture.

+Flour – helps bind the potatoes together. All-purpose flour or gluten-free flour works well. For a grain-free version, use arrowroot flour.

+Eggs – Another binding ingredient, important for keeping the donuts together while frying.

+Garlic and Onion: bring out the delicious taste of potatoes. Fresh ingredients are recommended for best flavour. You can use white, +red or green onions. Garlic – essential when frying potatoes, it gives an irresistibly delicious aroma.

+Dijon mustard – optional but gives the potatoes a deep flavor.

+Smoked Paprika – Adds a smoky flavor and a bit of color.

+Salt + pepper – to taste.

*Lists ingredients


°3 eggs





°Cooking oil

Peel the potatoes and grate them in a grater.

Crack the eggs and add to the grated potatoes.

Salt, pepper, add nutmeg.

Sprinkle flour lightly (about a tablespoon).

Add the crushed garlic first.

Mix well.

Preheat oil in  large enough pan.

After 3min test to put the preparation with a tablespoon and if it wriggles, you can start all the cooking. Leave for 3/4 minutes to brown and turn them over.

Serve hot with a salad and a charcuterie platter.

Note that you can pre-cook them in a pan and reheat them in the oven in the evening.

Enjoy !

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