Butter boiled corn


°Four medium-sized corn kernels, I peeled them, threw leaves and umbrellas.

°One glass of milk.

°Butter, best use one nice stick.

*Methods :

Phase 1: Add the pre-determined amount of water to a giant saucepan, placed on medium density, and transfer to a stew.

Phase II: In the meantime, you need to strip corn ears and open them in the middle.

Phase III: In an enormous saucepan, combine one cup of milk, one stick of unsalted fat, and one teaspoon of appropriate salt.

Phase 4: Reduce the glow to low and include corn quietly. Heat the mix for eight minutes.

Phase 5: Remove corn from the ghee tub using pots and serve immediately.

Phase 6: Leftovers can be kept beside the ice box for up to four days in a sealed room.

Enjoy !

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