four hundred ml milk coconut (14 oz)
four hundred ml 10% coffee cream (fourteen ounces half and half) – any 10% liquid cream will do
two eggs
one hundred fifty g white sugar (3/4 cup)
sixty five g cornflour or cornstarch (half cup)
one tub of betty crocker fluffy white or philadelphia type icing, or sweet meringue type icing of your choice
one pinch of salt
one teaspoon vanilla extract
one pie crust already made graham crackers 22.5 cm in diameter
one hundred g shredded coconut (1 1/4 to 1 and half cup)
take a saucepan
Put the coconut milk, cream, cornstarch, sugar, salt and eggs
Mix well
Bring to a simmer on medium heat, stir constantly
When the mixture begins to boil, and it has thickened enough, remove it from the heat (we are looking for a texture of hollandaise sauce)
Add the vanilla extract and 3/4 of the coconut
Pour over the pie crust
Refrigerate for at least four hours
Preheat your oven to one hundred seventy five °C (three hundred fifty °F)
Spread the rest of the coconut on the plate
Toast the coconut, until it has a golden color
Spread the icing on the pie
Sprinkle the toasted coconut over the pie
Serve it while the device is still firm
Enjoy !

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